Friday, June 22, 2012

Good morning, everyone.  We have wonderfully cooler weather with nice bright sun.  I have already harvested three trays of spearmint, and one each of peppermint, orange mint, and oregano.  They are drying now.  We got a bit of rain yesterday afternoon--not enough to change our 'extremely dry' to 'moderate drought' conditions.  We were watching a local news segment on the problems some Illinois farmers are experiencing.  Their corn stands a wonderful one foot high.  At this time, those stalks should be 3+ feet tall.  For a contrast all we had to do was look out at our gardens.  My two stands of corn are all at the expected height.  I haven't noticed any of the fields when we were out--so many of those are now being built on.  I have noticed an increase in the price of sweet corn.  We have some southern sweet corn in the stores and farm markets.

And talking about corn--I found this Rodale article by way of Natural News.  I have seen similar articles for the last 6 months or more.  Isn't Monsanto wonderful?? (SARCASM ALERT!!!!!)  As if that weren't enough--take a look at this one, also from Rodale.

The blueberries we bought at the city farm market Tuesday are now frozen in one cup lots in baggies.  Fourteen of them.  I wish one of the venders would get a supply of cranberries.  Next week we plan to start getting beets and other veggies we plan to can or freeze.  I already have the receipt for pickled beets marked.  Oh, well--time to see what is on the internet.

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