Friday, March 4, 2016


We did get the snow but only about 3 inches which was light enough to simply sweep off the walk and patio. More is coming overnight but we should get temps in the 50s next week. Roller coaster weather--in other words, typical late winter/early spring.

Time to start a few more of my seeds. The peppers and most of the tomatoes (second planting) are sprouting well. The first planting tomatoes and pepper are doing very nicely. And I think I have a lavender seedling coming up. That would be the first I have ever managed to start from seed.

I have seen a couple of accounts of Picher, Oklahoma--the town this article calls the most toxic city in America.

David Kaiser has a good article on the influence of the Boomer Generation on American foreign policy. Hint: it isn't a pretty story.

Here's one to make you smile. Everyone needs a daily "cute" fix.

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