Sunday, March 20, 2016


Welcome Spring and Happy Equinox to all.  The shadow of the house is receding and the sun actually lit up the top couple of inches of the fence reflecting a bit of light onto the patio all day. That is my sign to start getting serious about outdoor gardening. If we have a couple of warm days this week I will start getting things cleaned up, dug up, filled up, and moved around. I started sunflowers, orach, mizuna, and tong ho yesterday. I just changed out the door wreaths putting the spring wreath up and hanging the winter wreath in the closet until next year.

We had an odd winter: warmer than normal with a lot less snow. Evidently we aren't alone.

This is a fascinating crime story. I found one story by way of Naked Capitalism which raised some questions because the numbers didn't seem to add up. The story I linked to clears up the discrepancy. Cyber criminals tried to steal nearly $1billion from the Bangladesh central bank of which $81million is still missing in the Philippines. Transfers of the rest were stopped by the U.S. Federal Reserve and by a bank in Sri Lanka. Computers do make a lot of things easier and faster--including spectacular crime.

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