Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Nice and sunny today. The gardening itch is becoming stronger but the temps are just a bit too cool yet. We are still a month and a half away from our "frost free" date. Instead I content myself with mentally mapping out what I plan to do and when I should be doing it. The mizuna, sunflowers, and tong ho are all sprouting. All my tomatoes peppers and other seedlings are doing well also. Some I will have to put into bigger pots--again.

Gene Logsdon makes a very good distinction between "factual science"  and "maybe science" here. Unfortunately, so much of what we read and view in our media is the "maybe" variety masquerading as the "factual."

Crabby Old Lady (Ronni Bennett's alter ego) posted a bit on loud movies and hearing loss especially as experienced by older people. We stopped going to movies years ago because there simply wasn't anything we really wanted to see and the cost greatly exceeded the pleasure. But the volume was getting to be a problem. For us it was a "total body" experience of pressure that bordered on pain with the deep tones penetrating to our bones. Even at home the variability between the soft, conversational scenes and the more active scenes is troublesome. Half the time I adjust the volume down and then have to adjust it back up. There seems to be no happy median.

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