Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Exhausting day yesterday. We decided, after talking for some time and after Mom's phone gave her problems, to get new ones--and a new carrier. But the process took a bit more time than we anticipated. By the time we accomplished the task we were both tired so I treated her to lunch/supper/whatever out. Besides our shopping we got nothing else done.

James Kunstler has another good post at Clusterfuck Nation. This election season is turning out to be interesting--nerve-wracking, scary, and irritating but interesting.

And then there is this on an entirely different theme from Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By. Interesting thought that we tend to think of the end of life as a time of regret for the things we might have done because those are the questions psychologists, sociologists and such ask of their elderly respondents. Every time I get into a disgruntled mood and think of what ever it is I think I regret to have done (or not done) in my life, when the mood lifts I realize that those dark clouds weren't as dark as I remember and some silver came out of the all.

Cute idea, this--finish with a wood pencil, plant it in soil and grow a plant.

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