Thursday, March 3, 2016


We got the snow overnight the weather people promised in the promised range of about 2 inches. So far. It is supposed to continue through mid afternoon.

So what is worth reading today? Take a look at these:

Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone has a savage account of how a President Trump wouldn't be the beginning of the end for the Republican Party and the Presidency. The end of each actually came with George W. Bush.

The Rise of American Authoritarianism at Vox spells future trouble for the U.S. political system whether Trump wins or loses.

"What the Press Won't Tell You About Trump and Populism" at Fabius Maximus.

"How Can I Move to Canada" Was Top Google Search After Trump's Super Tuesday Wins" at Alternet.

"The Poison In Tennessee" by Charles P. Pierce at Esquire.

Mattea Kramer's "Killing Someone Else's Beloved" and what the American Style of War really means.

"Mitt Romney Pulls No Punches In Major Speech Trashing Donald Trump" at TPM.

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