Thursday, March 17, 2016


Happy St. Patrick's Day

I started this a bit late today. Basically I got side tracked by plant tending. Almost all my peppers are now in larger pots. I started my seedlings in pressed paper pots so I just cut the pots apart and dropped the whole little pot/seedling into the larger pots. Minimal disruption of the root system. I moved as many of the 3 and 4 inch starter pots inside before winter as I could find room for so I have a fair number of those though I might just be running short now. I will have to bring in a couple of the larger pots because those first tomatoes and peppers will need a new home--again--very soon. I did get some cuttings from one of my rosemary plants and have them rooting, I hope, in small containers by the window.

I found this opinion piece at Market Watch with which I totally agree. I wouldn't find it so offensive if they met with the nominee, held hearings, and then voted down the confirmation. That would be doing their jobs, doing what we pay them to do.

The author of Big Picture Agriculture reposted a review she wrote a couple of years ago of James Galbraith's The End of Normal. Sounds interesting and I have always liked Galbraith's work. Will have to pick it up.

Gene Logsdon has another interesting post. Shows how slippery demographics can be. People are rarely entirely one thing or another. The census bureau had to add a number of different categories for race because so many people found that the old Black/White/Other categories simply didn't fit. It doesn't surprise me that so many highly productive and creative people are also engaged in some form of farming. Growing plants and raising animals can be very therapeutic.

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