Thursday, March 24, 2016


Another example of why we don't watch much news on TV any more. Light on any real information, heavy on the emotionalism, and definitely biased toward what our government is doing that we know doesn't work.

Motherboard posted an interesting article on how the biases of researchers and software developers have produced facial recognition (and other software used by TSA) that has a hard time seeing people who aren't white or "traditionally" gendered. My rather unruly mind went back to a trope of the movies way back when where a white character would be asked to describe a black person and would respond "they all look alike to me." But what happens if your bank uses that software as a security measure and you get locked out of your account because the computer doesn't recognize you?

This is a good development. A friend has been urging all her Facebook friends to buy seedlings certified to be from pesticide free seeds and now I can see why. That crap stays around for a good long time. I wondered as I read the piece why the state was compensating the beekeepers but, as it states in the article, the pesticide application occurred at the site where the seed was prepared and packaged not at the farm where the seed was planted. A nice gray area that.

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