Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Bread baking day. Also need to transplant some of my seedlings. Otherwise not much planned.

Found this by way of Naked Capitalism and it does make a lot of sense. Our economy has left a lot of people behind. Not all want to be entrepreneurs, or academics, or IT workers. I took a couple of courses once in computer programming and found I had zero interest in pursuing such a career. I have worked in retail enough to know that I am not an entrepreneur and running a store is a real pain in the ass. I know people who went through an academic program but hated every bit of it. Not all of us are cut out to be academics. As the author said--the policy wonks aren't dealing with the core questions. They aren't even asking those questions.


Not much planned for today. I didn't get the transplanting done but it isn't critical right now. I have some errands planned but nothing else.

I have ignored as much as possible the political machinations. Every now and then though something comes through like this item. It was on the TV news this morning indicating none of the three remaining Repthuglican contestants will honor that "loyalty" pledge. I find it absolutely fascinating that the GOP leadership insisted on a pledge of "loyalty" which only went one way--from the candidate to them--and not reciprocate by showing their "loyalty" to the candidate. They extracted the pledge back when everyone said Trump was a flash in the pan and would disappear soon. Now he leads in the polls and the very worried party establishment has expended considerable energy in trying to derail Trump by any means, fair or foul. Of course, everyone should remember the old saying: nothing is fair in love or war. I would add politics to that list.

On a technology note. I recently put the Kindle software on my Apple laptop because I found some books I wanted but which weren't available from Barnes&Noble for Nook. I noticed that many of the prices were also lower so I now check out both sites before I buy. But I really was thinking that I would rather be able to read books from either list on one device and went looking for possibilities other than buying a new tablet computer. I thought it should be possible because my latest Nook is on a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Well, it is. All I had to do was download the free Kindle software onto the Samsung and I am in business. Nice!!

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