Monday, March 7, 2016


A good article by David the Good on how to become an expert gardener. Though I am far from an expert I can say his methods work. They are exactly what I use. What are those methods? Experiment and fail, and then try again. Last year I tried lemon verbena (again), wintergreen and blueberry (again). Result: two of three lemon verbena are still alive as is the blueberry. All three of the wintergreen died. I tried sweet potatoes. They were a qualified success. I got a meager yield, a lot of nice foliage and a couple of blooms. I won't try again because I have limited space and other plants are better suited. I put in sunflowers, the big ones, to provide support for bean plants. That was another qualified success. The sunflowers did well as did two varieties of beans while the other two either failed totally or provided a scant harvest. Each year I try new plants and new methods. Some work. Some don't.

I double check Natural News articles I come across. They have a tendency to push their own agenda to absurd extremes and to exaggerate on occasion. However, on this item they seen to be right on the money. I think it tells a lot about this bill when you consider that the really big cosmetic manufacturers are supporting it. They, of course, will be able to absorb the various costs of complying with the bill's provisions, raise their prices just a bit and still make money because they will have less competition. And they won't have to change their formulas one iota.

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