Saturday, March 19, 2016


I repotted the last of the tomato and pepper seedlings. I have almost filled up the tray under the large grow light and have the lemon verbena cuttings under the other. One pot has failed but the other is hanging on as are the rosemary cuttings in water by the front window.

Death Valley is in bloom for the first time in 11 years. It is really beautiful when it happens.

This should scare anyone who has any sense of history. But then I don't know what the schools teach as history any more.

This hit home. We bought a pressure canner from Walmart and I searched for canned hams at their site. Since then we have had ads for canning supplies and other products we "might be interested in" popping up where ever we go on line. I get my e-books downloaded directly to my reader and suddenly I get similar books (or, maybe, not so similar) popping up for my perusal. Even if I just look up a book I found recommended on a blog I find ads for that and others. What ever we look at, buy (or not) or just roll over seem to trigger those ads. Annoying as hell!!

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