Thursday, March 10, 2016


Good morning to you all. The weather has turned warmer but then we haven't really had a winter this year. We had sixties the last two days and expect another several days of 60s after today which will only reach into the 50s. This is the kind of weather that has the gardening itch going but we know that we are still two months away from safe planting season. Oh I will probably starting putting plants out in late April with hot caps and other protection but we still haven't reached the equinox yet. The patio is getting more reflected light early morning and late afternoon when the shadow of the house is in a spot that allows the sunlight to reach the fence. I won't get anything near enough sunlight until mid-April. I checked out the compost bin and turned some of it over. I haven't checked the garden containers yet to see how much they have thawed out. All of the seedlings I have started so far and that have sprouted are doing well, and I have several that should be repotted. I also want to experiment with rooting lemon verbena slips. We spotted some stuff a neighbor was throwing and went over to nick the useful items: a large pot, a small iron and glass table, and a little stool. The pot is big enough for one of the tomatoes I plan to keep inside. The tomato variety is supposed to do well in low light levels and the table is the perfect size for that pot. I don't know what or where the stool will be put to use but I will find a place for it.

I didn't finish this Tom Englehardt post. As usual he writes well but I find the topic depressing and infuriating. The U.S. has defined its role as a "superpower" largely, if not exclusively, by its military. That means we have always had it lurking in the background of our foreign policy. Our negotiations usually reduce to "Do what we want or we will use our military might to obliterate you." Basically we haven't become the world's policeman so much as the world's thuggish extortionists.

I love this one. It is a bit long but Trump as the personification of a trickster god--yeah, I can totally see it.

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