Sunday, March 6, 2016


Not much doing today. I have definitely have a couple of lavender sprouting. I need to move them over to the other grow light. Most of the second round of tomatoes have come up. I need to move them also. I think I will also put a couple of other plants, peppers I think, in new pots because the small starter pots dry out too quickly. While I do that I will start some of my other seeds. By the end of April I will have a nice selection of plants to put in--under frost protection since our average last frost date is mid-May.

Evidently others have also noticed the lack of news coverage of the Sanders campaign. We don't really have news any more. It is "infotainment" with the emphasis on "tainment" because there is damned little "info."

A new stress-induced psychological malady: "Trump anxiety."

I looked at the headline on this article and sincerely hoped the writer was wrong and that Trump is not an uncomfortable reflection of the U.S. mainstream. As I read the article I realized that the author was referring to the U.S. political class not the mass of U.S. voters when he referred to "mainstream." Unfortunately, he is very right. We are governed by psychopaths and sociopaths. Our society creates them wholesale and elevates them to high positions.

As the saying goes: dogs have owners; cats have staff.

I hadn't intended to comment on this but we have heard so much about "aging" populations and so many of the stories had a tinge of panic about having too few youngsters working to support all the oldsters. Evidently, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Martin Armstrong has a good article: "Freedom of Religion and Severus Alexander (222-235AD)." As he notes, cramming one's religion down other people's throats doesn't go over well. Too bad so many of our evangelicals won't listen.

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