Saturday, March 5, 2016


Snow again overnight--maybe 2 inches. It won't last long since the temperatures are supposed to be well above freezing today and for the next several.

Interesting little analysis of Trump voters in the recent primaries. We have been noting that our society is permeated by anger. The news is full of stories that flow from that anger: the shootings on the streets, the mass shootings, the muggings, the senseless robberies in which the victim is seriously hurt or killed for damned little money, the road rage, the aggrieved idiot who is turned away from a party and returns with a gun. The response to Trump's moronic blasts at Mexicans, Muslims, and whoever reflects a deep anger. Along with the anger people are more likely to act on it. Trump, himself, is very aggressive (latent anger there?) with a strong sense of entitlement. Trump's anger/aggression strikes a chord in his supporters which he then intensifies and reflects back to them as the cycle repeats and ratchets higher with each round.

Chase Padusniak writes a good indictment of both sides of our political system: their neglect of the interests of the poor, especially the working class poor and more especially of the white working class poor, has allowed for the rise of Donald Trump. For anyone who wants to know who wrong that situation can go read a good treatise on the rise of Hitler and Mussolini. The same dynamic fueled their ascension to power.

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