Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cloudy today with rain probable.  But the temps will be cooler.  I can't complain (much) about heat considering what the southwest is getting.  I just hope it doesn't move in here.  The gardens are doing well now and I would like them to continue.  I was surprised to see my hibiscus drooping a bit yesterday given all the rain we had over the past week but it had sucked most of the moisture out of its pot.  I watered it well and it has perked back up.


That was Saturday.  It is now Sunday and we have broken clouds with the promise of at least some sun.  I don't think we got much rain yesterday so I will have to see what the plants need a bit later.  I saw a couple of actual cherry tomatoes forming on one of the plants.  The others should be following suit soon.  I think I was a couple of squash forming also.  Let's see if there is anything forming on the 'net.

What does it say about a legislative body when the bar for success is "keeping bad things from happening?"  Unfortunately, too keep the "bad things" from happening no good things get done either. That is not success.  And we are paying those bozos for doing nothing.  I think we should save the money and fire them all.

So our supposed allies are pissed over U.S. cyberspying on their officials and agents.  I am fascinated by how little outrage (domestic or foreign) appears in our (s)news media.  Even the game of "Where is Edward Snowden" has largely disappeared from the airwaves.  Once upon a time we were told that democracy required an informed and educated electorate and that the news media was key to educating that informing the electorate on public matters while public schools provided the education.  Both key institutions have failed us.

There are a couple of unfortunate aspects to this story.  First, if you want to take the high ground (that is, make an argument from a position of moral superiority, as we so often try to do in our international dealings) we should not be doing things that allow all the Mr. (or Ms.) Pots out there noticing how grimy our own bottom is.  Second, the 4th Amendment doesn't mean all that much for the privacy rights of Americans, at home or abroad.  Third, the argument "everybody does it" is truly juvenile.  That it works for our political leaders when all it got me was a swat on the bottom is so wrong.

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