Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Good Tuesday, Everyone.  Much cooler today.  I don't think we got any rain with this system so I will have to look at the gardens to see what they might need.  I watered well yesterday so they might not need much.  I found buds on the hibiscus yesterday so it should bloom soon.  All of the plants I moved are doing well.

As I read this story I remembered that Brazil was supposed to host the next Soccer World Cup and the next Olympics.  Evidently more than a few Brazilians aren't too happy with the money their government is going to throw at both these events.  And the Olympic Committee has committed additional funds to assist Brazil's efforts to stage the games.

I have heard and seen some desperate students in my time in various universities and colleges.   This story takes those stories to a new low and gives them a high tech twist.

So "international cities" are turning into "elite citadels."  Anything surprising there? I remember reading about workers employed in Vale (Colorado) tourist and hospitality establishments who couldn't afford an apartment in Vale even when they had 4 or 6 roommates.  Others were camping in the national forest outside town.  That was 25 years ago.  Only a couple of years ago I read stories about employers in some of the high price enclaves in the Florida bussing low wage employes in from Miami each day.  The workers couldn't afford to live near where they worked.

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