Monday, June 3, 2013

Good sunny Monday to you all.  However, the sun comes along with very cool temps--45F on the patio so far.  For all of the wind and clouds over the weekend we go no rain.  I did transplant two of my hyssop, cabbage and lavender before the front came through yesterday.  I am still at a loss as to what I should put in the empty spaces in the gardens.  I think I will look at what seeds are still in the stores.

There is an underlying assumption to this story that pervades many concerning reviving the GOP.  Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin never appealed to me.  I found their philosophy and proposals repugnant.  And their possession of breasts, uteri, and ovaries did not counter that.  I have only seen one report which rightly described the so-called shift in the GOP as 'cosmetic.'  It doesn't matter how many women, blacks, or Hispanics they put out front.  They are still a party of old, white men.

I have thought for some time that the stock market was seriously disconnected from the everyday economy.  This NBC story illustrates one reason why I have thought so--what one would normally think was bad news (i.e., rising unemployment) sent the stocks higher because the Fed would continue pumping money into the economy (a.k.a., QE).  The schizophrenia in the financial industry is amazing. They decry government spending (at least some government spending particularly that which benefits ordinary Americans) while any indication that the Fed will end their infusions of money panics the market.  The stock market speculators are as addicted to all that "free" money as thoroughly as a heroine addict is to a different "drug."  And that "free" money isn't free--tax payers are providing it.

Found this on HuffingtonPost.  Good for Ben & Jerry's.

Another bit of good news for those who can their own food:  Ball has shifted to making lids without BPA.  By the fall season they will have their boxes labeled as BPA free.  Until then canners have to check the box codes.  Thanks to Food In Jars for the link.

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Kay Dennison said...

I agree with you re: Palin and crazy Shelly. I'm so weary of these broads (I can't call them ladies) and the GOP. I used to be an independent liberal but now I'm just an angry old lady. Sigh. Gotta love Ben Jerry!