Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good Saturday to you all.  Lazy day to day.  We are expecting some rain--maybe.  Whether we get it or not hardly matters.  Nature dumped better than an inch and a half yesterday afternoon in less than an hour.  And I do mean dumped.  That rain fell like a million hammers.  I slipped out between the raindrops to get a couple of plants out of drip saucers that were full.  The borage had been flattened but it is standing up today so it may be ok.  Everything else came through the deluge nicely.

Found this by way of Yves at Naked Capitalism.  I was curious about why a NASA photo would freak people out.

So Anthem in California dropped "more than 6000" customers illegally and now has agreed to a $6million settlement in which it does not acknowledge guilt.  I wonder how big a hit that made on their bottom line.  The LA City Attorney originally filed for $1billion but I doubt that would have made a blip in their profits either.  When will we start "executing" criminal corporations.  They are people after all.  At least the Supreme Court says so.

I have often said (and written) that some functions should not be profit based.  This nauseating story merely underlines that notion.  The only bright spot in the story is that three states may have discovered that truth and dumped the private prison company they were doing business with.

The Daily Mail (U.K.) published this article on various food additives that are banned in other countries but common in our supermarkets.  I think our rules for grocery purchases are well justified by what is presented there:  few processed foods, nothing with chemicals we can't pronounce, and the fewer the ingredients the better.

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