Saturday, June 1, 2013

Good Saturday, Everyone.  Well the weather forecast has changed yet again.  The thunderstorms should hold off till later and we have sun right now.  The weather people have had a hard time with the forecasts lately.  Several days the storms held off through the daylight hours giving us several very warm, sunny, and muggy days.  We have a wait and see attitude.  We know what we want to do but wait to see what the weather is in the morning before deciding which day to do what.  Since we have sun today I will, I hope, get some gardening done.  I have a couple of plants to move to more appropriate places.

Wonderful satire alert!!!  Thank you, Scientific American and Patrick Mustain.

First WTF??!! moment this morning:  the price of gas is at $4.19/gal with a few outliers at a nickel lower.  A week ago last Thursday it was $3.75. Since then it has been $4.95, $3.88, and $3.99 before going up to today's high.  The pundits have used every excuse for why and none of them make any sense.

Second WTF??!! moment: we went looking for some plants to fill in spots in the gardens and visited all my favorite garden shops.  I didn't find a single item I wanted to buy.  Never happened before.

I just what I think was the worst interview on Monsanto, the discovery of GMO where it shouldn't have been and the whole issue of genetic engineering.  The person interviewed (and sorry I don't remember who he was or what his so called expertise was) was absolutely on Monsanto's side.  First, he dismissed the Japanese, Korean, and European Union rejection of GMOs with the notion it was merely a "cultural divide" and some how an emotional quirk not based on any evidence.  Second, the idiot equated hybridization, which humans have practiced since they discovered agricultural, and genetic engineering, which we have not.  Humans hybridize plants and animals by selecting and cross-breeding individuals exhibiting desirable traits but the process does not introduce genes from another speciest.  The genetic engineer does just that.  The genetic engineer assumes that he know absolutely and for sure what any specific gene does and that it does nothing else.  We all know that assume makes an "ASS of U and ME."

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