Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good wet Wednesday, All.  We did get some rain last night and expect more over the day today.  Thankfully, the wind is not nearly as brutal as it was Monday and the rain wasn't falling like millions of miniature hammers.  But I don't think I will be doing any gardening done until later in the week when we are supposed to dry out.

Oh, my!!  Pity the ultra-rich.  The prices for luxury living have risen faster than inflation.  That is if you believe the inflation numbers.  I don't.  And I will save my sympathy for those who find unacknowledged inflation is making it hard for them to pay for food, shelter, and medicine.  Golf club dues and private boxes at the opera simply don't even register in my world.

Grist posted this.  We stopped using body washes a while back because all of those we checked had triclosan in them.  In case you missed it, the antimicrobial chemical is also can cause cancer.  We went back to bar soap.

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