Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good Sunday to you all.  Cloudy right now with the possibility of rain, maybe even thunderstorms.  We'll see.  I picked up a new blueberry bush at the farm market and got it put in one of the large round pots.  I am somewhat stubborn and I really do want a blueberry out there.  It is a nicely grown 3-year-old plant with a few berries ripening on it.  To put it in I had to move the zinnias and the chamomile to other spots.  I have fewer blank spots in the gardens.  The vender who had home produced maple syrup was back and still had some jars.  We picked up two pint jars.  That should do us very well for some months.  A bit of sticker shock at the grocery store--the honey (locally produced) went up $2 per pint jar.  And they say inflation is low!!  Who the hell does their shopping???  Let's see what might be interesting on the net.

Thank you, Ronni (Time Goes By), for the link to Charles Simic's post.  I can relate to much of it.  I don't think anyone ever really thinks about what their lives will be like as they age.  I certainly didn't.  I think that is one of the things about the discussions about planning for "retirement" that so amuses me.  I never planned to retire and most of the plans I did make resulted in either partial success (varying degrees of success) or failure (again varying degrees.)  In a way the lives of the older people I knew when I was thirty or forty or fifty years younger lived lives I couldn't even fathom I would eventually live.  I certainly never though I would get that old.  I don't read as much as I used to.  It seems that I know where the story is going--after all I have read it before by a different author.  I find that all too many of the movies are also retreads.  Sometimes the most amusing part of them is trying to count the number of lines or scenes that have been lifted wholesale from past movies.  And the news is more annoying than enlightening or informative.  I give Friedman and Will even less time than Simic does.

And another thanks to Ronni for this Frank Bruni post.  The only thing I really love about summer is my gardens grow.  But I think both the plants and I would prefer more moderation in the temps.  I am not really a great fan of winter either.  That also marks a break from my young self--before the heat of one and the snow/ice of the other became impediments to my life.  And I so totally agree about the summer movies (see above).

And now for a bit of sarcastic humor based on the very broad electronic surveillance made public last week.

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