Monday, June 17, 2013

Good Monday, All.  I finished off some transplanting yesterday--the peppermint, verbena, and firefly begonia.  I put them in individual pots not the big containers.  I told Mom this morning that the garden is filled and she should keep me away from any garden sections.  I finished cutting back the grapefruit mint and another seven trays of leaves are drying now.

I didn't see much worth commenting on yesterday.  Let's see what I find today.

Tom Englehardt has some very well targeted thoughts on the NSA revelations of the last couple of weeks and connects them to very disturbing trends.

Hmmmm!  NYU proposes an expansion which will cost them billions while graduating the most indebted classes of students in recent history.  And doing it with borrowed money.  I wonder what the University plans to do with the space beyond their nebulous notion of 'more space' for faculty and students.  The increased debt means that somebody is going to have to pay one way or another.  And you can bet that somebody is going to be students who have to pay for their "education" with borrowed money because grants and scholarships will be shorted to shift funds to building.

I heard a bit about this but it has largely disappeared from the news here.  They didn't specify what the unnecessary procedures were.  Why do I see a parallel between this story and the one about NYU's expansion plans?

Well, someone else has noticed that the talk of preventing climate change has ceased pretty much.  Instead, some have taken up the notion of adapting to what ever comes along.  When the discussion heated up about a decade ago (or when I noticed the talk) I wondered if it were already a bit late.  After all the concentration of CO2 was already 30ppm above what had been posited as the max for stable climate.  And that doesn't even consider the increase in methane and other more potent "greenhouse gasses."

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