Sunday, June 16, 2013

 Good Sunday, everyone.  I have some new photos for you.  I yielded to temptation and picked up a new lemon verbena and a peppermint.  I wasn't going to put in peppermint because I already have three other mints but--well, you know how intentions go.  I decided to give lemon verbena another try.  The last two didn't make it through the winter indoors.  I will try this one under the grow light upstairs.  I still have to get these into larger pots.  The greenhouse is mostly for storage right now.  A month ago I had the first shelf full of seedlings.
The front two pots have stevia (left) and bee balm (right).  After two years of failure my stevia seeds sprouted well this year.  I guess persistence is sometimes rewarded.  Hope the same goes for the lemon verbena.  I have lettuce and spinach in the long planter in the back and two rosemary in pots behind on the right.
 My how things have grown.  Squash on the left, spearmint in the middle, and my surviving cucumbers on the right.  You can barely see tomatoes and peppers behind.  All of the peppers and tomatoes are growing rapidly.
 Grapefruit mint.  I have already cut a third of the plant and dried it.  Plan to cut more this week.
Sage (left) and lemon thyme (right).  Just after I cut them back.  The thyme roots easily so in the fall I will split it and put part inside in smaller pots.  The rest I will leave in the garden and see if it comes back in the spring.  The sage did come back after last winter.  I will protect it better this year (along with everything else I leave outside.)
 Chamomile in its new position and thriving.
 The yardlong beans have found the trellis and the kale is growing well, both the seedlings I started and the ones I bought.
Chocolate mint (back) and pyrethrum (front).   I cut a bit of the mint to fill the last tray of my dehydrator.  Will cut more this week.
Tomato in the white bucket and oregano in the pot on the rack between buckets.  The oregano is another winter survivor.  I haven't cut any of it yet.
Mohawk pepper (black pot) and patio tomato in the white bucket.  The tomato is the only one without any blossoms yet.
 This is borage in the other white bucket--one of several new plants this year.  We'll see how it turns out.

I told you earlier that the last of my original blueberries gave up the ghost after a game struggle.  I found a new one at our local farm market.  This one is a three-year-old plant.  The others were only a year old.  The opinion on line is split on whether blueberries self-pollinate.  Most say that they will but are more productive with two or more plants.  I will find out.  I got three last time because the plants were a very small variety and three would fill the area nicely.  This one is a northern highbush variety so it will get up to six feet.

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