Saturday, June 15, 2013

Good Saturday to you all.  We got rain last night so I won't do much gardening today.  Just as well since I cut quite a bit of herbs yesterday.  I have several more I can do when the beds dry out again.  Got four strawberries into larger pots.  I think they will be happier now.  Several of the Quinault are putting out runners so I should have new plants soon.

I have used DuckDuckGo a few times.  It is a nice and efficient search engine.  And I did notice that it promises not to track your internet searches which is a nice plus.  Evidently a lot of others are also finding it since Prism was outed.  This article provided some information neither of us here knew: Google Crome and Firefox, which we have used often, have anonymous features for incognito browsing.

This little story rather proves the old biblical saying "the love of money is the root of all evil."

I heard about Roman concrete a couple of decades ago and evidently it is superior to modern forms of concrete.  Scientists are finally beginning to understand why is it so durable and they are also discovering that  less CO2is emitted in the production of it.

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