Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good Sunday, everyone.  We finally got some sun yesterday and temperatures in the high 80s.  Same expected today with a possible 90+.  Needless to say we are staying inside and not doing very much.  I will check everything this morning and will water tonight if we don't get rain over the day.

This is an interesting little lesson in American political history and speculation on the future.  That some in the more conservative camp would think it a good idea to resurrect property qualifications to protect their own power and influence doesn't surprise.  The devil is, of course, in the details.  For instance, how does one define "property?"  Originally, property qualifications often specified property that generated a given level of income each year.  It might be a farm, a workshop, a store, warehouse or ship, etc.  Key here is it generated income.  The left out a large number of professionals whose activities brought in income but whose property (a house they lived in, for example) didn't.  Or it left out a rising population of skilled workers whose labor earned a tidy income but who often didn't own any property income generating or otherwise.  And how much of the nearly 81 or so percent of actually own property?  And even if you decide to use property value as opposed to income from property what property how what kind of property would you include/exclude?  Interesting can of worms.

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