Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good sunny and cool Tuesday, Everyone.  Nothing much to report on the gardens.  We will stop at the city farm market later today--the first day of the season.  Usually, this early, most of the venders are selling plants.  I am looking for something interesting for the gardens.

Let's start off with this from HuffingtonPost.  We often question the effectiveness and need for the drugs we see advertised.  And I have seen a few stories over the last few years that show doctors are also.  I think 60 Minutes did a story a couple of years ago about a hospital that established a panel of doctors to review the literature on drug studies and examine the effectiveness of the drugs.  They found that many of the new drugs were actually less effective than old standbys and had more side effects, many severe.

I know your opinion of the Repthuglican broads, Kay.  And I agree--they are not ladies.  Like you I am very alienated by the politics.  Nobody has our backs which makes me, like you, an angry old lady.  Given what is going on, I am likely to get much angrier as I get older.  At least Ben&Jerry's gives us a bit of good news--and it was good enough to make our local news this morning.

This post on Raging Wisdom hits the drug policy nail on the head.  It is a totally screwed up mess based on hysteria of a bygone age not any real scientific fact.  I agree--regulate marijuana as alcohol is regulated.  And before anyone makes any assumption about my drug habits--I have never knowingly consumed marijuana and have refused opportunities to do so in the past.  I just don't see any sense in pursuing a so-called war most thoughtful people think is lost.

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