Saturday, June 8, 2013

Good sunny Saturday to you all.  Should be dry today so I will have to check my containers closely.  The farm market is open today so we have started our twice a week shopping schedule.  We do that for the entire season the market is open.  Let's see what is on the 'net.

Oh, this post hits way too close to home.  Too many are very accurate.  This is the gal who has three types of basil, three varieties of mint, tansy, pyrethrum, chamomile, lemon thyme, sage, two rosemary, two lavender, bay, pineapple sage, stevia, and bee balm in her small set of containers.  The only veggies in the garden this year are four types of tomatoes, four types of peppers, one cucumber and one summer squash.  The herbs out number the veggies by about four to one.

Ron Fournier at The National Journal says what I have thought for some time.  There really isn't much difference between the Damnocrats and Repthuglicans.  And the differences are diminishing rapidly.

This is interesting and leads to some uncomfortable questions.  I think the electronics industry would rather not think about the implications.  I wonder how close to the router or cell phone you have to be?

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