Friday, September 13, 2013

Busy Friday.

I hadn't intended to post today but what the heck--I found a cute Tom Toles cartoon concerning the NSA spying that says a lot in a small space.  See it here.

We have a couple of errands today that will keep us out and about so I don't know how much further I will get or how late this will be posted.  We'll see.

The temperatures are cool today (low 50s) and the sky is overcast for now.  The weather people said that the low tonight will be the lowest since early June--upper 40s.  Well, it is about time.  The seasons are changing and I find I am ready for it.  As it says in Ecclesiastes "To everything there is a time and a season to every purpose under the sun."  Now is the time for the earth (here anyway) to get ready for its winter sleep.

I have just seen the Good Morning America segment on the flooding in Colorado and all I can say is "OH, SHIT."  I saw some buildings I saw almost every year when we took our annual drive through the canyon.  And now they are saying that at least three dams have failed up there.

We keep hearing about the civil war in Syria but very little about what has fueled the violence.  Take a look at #1 on this list of climate change conflict hot spots.  I had read about the long drought in Syria before but it is amazing how such things disappear from our news media's coverage of the conflict.  Or about the conflict in Egypt which has deep roots in resource shortages, primarily food and fuel.

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