Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday. Sunday now.

I would like to say that we are going to be lazy today after the cleaning we did yesterday.  However, we have laundry to wash, dry, and put away.  We always know when it is time to wash clothes when one or the other of us runs out of something.  This time we are out of wash cloths--we had just enough to wash our faces this morning.  I love your "sweeping the room with a glance," Kay.  There are so many things we would rather do--even if it is just sitting down with the computer and playing a game.

I see a couple of tomatoes to pick but I doubt that I will find enough to stew.  I might have to stew small batches and keep them in the fridge until I have enough to package for freezing.  But the production from the gardens is definitely slowing down.  I saw on the news that northeast has freeze warning and one of the bloggers I usually read reported 38F that made her put on her fingerless gloves before finishing her homestead chores.  We have seen more and more leaves here turning.  The temperature trend is certainly moving down.

I heard about this phenomenon last year.  Moose get drunk on fermenting downed apples.  Evidently humans aren't the only creatures that like the taste of alcoholic treats.

Cheating among college students has become a perennial story.  The only thing that makes it newsworthy is the prestigious school involved.  And it says something both sad and disquieting about the future leaders of this country.

So many of our problems, in the U.S. and the world generally, seem to cry out for a collective solution but repeatedly we haven't been able to assemble the collective to do what is necessary.  There is no "we" here.  Hurricane or storm damage that affects multiple state or wide swaths of a single state?  How often have we seen elected assholes loudly and proudly, in the name of conservatism or economic "responsibility," block any aid while demanding everything they can get for their own disasters?  Has any kind of workable collection of states or governments been able to come to a consensus about environmental pollution?  Obama has pointed to U.N. resolutions banning chemical weapons but has been able to assemble any kind of coalition to counter the use of such weapons even if he could provide definitive evidence (as opposed to unsubstantiated assertions) that the Assad government did it.  David Kaiser makes some excellent points on the total lack of a We and makes some good points on where the anarchy is going.


I had intended to post the above and somehow didn't.  Today is a lazy day since we did housework and laundry the last two days.  I need to water some of the patio plants and check a couple of those inside.  I may have a couple of sauce tomatoes to pick so I may plan on stewing a batch tomorrow.  Let's see what I find on line.

Ah, well.  Not much worth commenting on.  See ya next time.

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Kay Dennison said...

I hear ya on the cheating. I found out that my kids used some of my papers and didn't seem to understand how wrong it was.

That still grates on my last nerve!

Speaking of my last nerve, come on over to my place -- and see the reason (among many) I've been uber crabby!