Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Tuesday of Sept.

Hope your Labor Day weekend was good.  Nice and quiet here.  A bit cooler but very sunny.  I have a bunch of tomatoes to collect today but I won't cook them till tomorrow.  But this is a quiet time for the gardens.  The next spate of effort will be the clearing and preparation for winter.  The Farmer's Almanack predicts a hard winter and the way the birds are feeding (frantically) lends some credence to that.

The updates on Fukushima get worse and worse.  And the "remedies" get more bizarre and expensive.  I have said before that the most powerful argument against nuclear power is how to handle waste that will be very dangerous for tens of thousands of years into the future.  How much power will it take to create and maintain an "ice wall" and how long will it take for the contaminated water to find a way around it?

Thank you, Diana Nyad for an uplifting story.

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