Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunny Tuesday but cool.

It definitely feels like fall.  One of our weather forecasts calls for only two days (Saturday and Sunday) above (barely) 80F.  We didn't get out of the 60s last two days.  Today may be low 70s.  I haven't seen a single hummingbird for last few days.  The bees have also disappeared.  I probably should cut spent blossom spikes off the hyssop.  I noticed the shadow of the house is at the top of the fence so the plants will definitely be in the shade from now until the spring equinox.  I don't know what I might do in the gardens as nothing is pressing.  The inside plants need some attention so that will be my major effort.

Interesting ruminations on death by Lewis Lapham.  I think our culture's fear of death is only second to the fear of growing old--perhaps because death inevitably follows growing old.

Kevin Klein has some interesting things to say about the impasse in Washington over the budget and the debt ceiling.  This is worse than the notion that the inmates are running the asylum.  The worst mannered of the child bullies are running the playground.  Don't I just wish I could reach out and paddle the lot of them.

I have heard the conclusion Eugene Robinson posts only a couple of times before.  I am surprised not many more are expressing it.  We have heard the Repthuglicans hysterically telling us they have to save us from the train wreck that is Obamacare.  In truth they are much more afraid that it will actually work.  After all, if it is such a train wreck wouldn't it be a good issue for the next elections?  If it works, they are screwed and they know it.

Oh, the vultures are circling.  Or to use a different metaphor--some Peters are loudly complaining about being robbed to pay various Pauls.

Tom Toles evidently writes a few things for the Washington Post as well as the cartoons which are always quite good.  This little piece struck my cynical funny bone.  Especially the last line.

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