Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday. The heat continues. Cypress vine. Borage.

Our temperatures reached 94F yesterday and the predictions call for a 97F or so today.  It may set a record.  The lows last night are on the edge of setting a new high low for the day.  A significant number  of schools and school districts have either closed or shortened days.  I grew up in this area and we never had a day off for heat and very few for snow.  All I plan to do today is check the tomatoes for ripe ones and water well.  Oh, yes, Kay.  It looks like this is coming your way.  Stay cool.  The weather person last night said that it has also been abnormally dry.  We have had less rain since July 1st that we had last year--and last year we were in extreme drought.  The lawns around here definitely agrees that we haven't had nearly enough rain--and what we have had has come in short, very hard spurts that mostly runs off.

While watering this morning I found a little volunteer cypress vine trying to get started under the pineapple sage and bee balm--and doing a fair job of it.  I pulled it because I don't want it there--at least no now.  Next spring I will have to look out for new ones coming up.  Probably will have to do the same with the borage.  I managed to collect about two dozen seeds but many, many more have already fallen into the soil of the container.  A couple of days ago I pulled a borage seedling--another volunteer in the wrong place.  I won't be growing borage in that container next summer.  Both are aggressive plants.  The borage is a vigorously self-sowing annual while the cypress vine spreads by runners as well as seeds.  If I were gardening in the ground I might think again about keeping them though the bees and hummingbirds love them.

The more I read about droughts, water shortages, aquifer depletion I wonder if this is what our future will be.

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Kay Dennison said...

I don't have to shovel it & I got fans and cold water AND if it gets too uncomfy -- the dollar movie has AC. AND I'm hatching a plan to go up the visit Joanne (Cup on the Bus) -- it will be an exciting trip!!!