Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday: last day of the current heat--hopefully.

We expect temperatures in the mid 90s today but are very ready for the cooling to come.  I don't have any tomatoes or peppers to harvest so all I have to do outside is water everything.  The weather people are not predicting any significant rain.  Too bad.  We do need it.  The tomatoes I stewed yesterday are ready to package for freezing today.

I hear you, Kay.  We don't have to shovel it and, if we had to find a cool place because something happened to our air conditioning, we have several options near by.  You should enjoy what is coming--much cooler with the possibility of rain.  Enjoy your trip.

When we think about technology or are being sold a given technology, we think about the advantages however small they may be.  However, every technology has disadvantages and those disadvantages, over time, may outweigh the initial advantages.  That is exactly what is happening with genetically modified crops.  I read these stories with the same reaction each time: what the f**k did they think would happen?  Evidently the problem is becoming more complex.  I remarked to Mom that I thought I remembered a more complex crop rotation system when I was young--not just corn and soybeans alternated in the fields but corn/soybeans/sorghum.  She said she remembers a four crop rotation.  But economic pressure, technological promise and, let's be blunt, greed have pushed farmers to change their practices to their detriment.

So "Pink Slime" is being resurrected.  We haven't yet found a stake that will kill these vampires.

At least New York City voters showed some common sense and sent Weiner and Spitzer packing.

I read the headline on this and said "Whaat?"  Everyone has fingerprints.  Well, yes--but evidently some can't be read by the scanners Apple is using with its new iPhones.

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