Friday, September 6, 2013

Housekeeping Friday.

Conversation over coffee:  Me: I think I need to vacuum--been thinking about it for a bit.  Mom:  I was thinking of starting upstairs in the bedroom.  We haven't swept there for a while.  Me:  And, since I don't have anything beyond watering outside, I think it is time to get the sewing/storage/whatever room straightened out.  Mom: Then you could use the table. I think we have a table in there.  Me:  Yeah, there is a table there somewhere.

I have said before that we do serious cleaning "when the spirit moves" and are thankful it doesn't move often.  We straighten and keep clutter under control but don't do much heavy cleaning.

This poll from The Onion is right on the money.  I think our House and Senate can do much more good in Syria than they are doing over here.  And if you think they aren't doing any good over here--that is my point.

I am constantly amazed at how we (or at least some of us) manage to twist language to hide the reality of their proposals.  Politico examines the linguistic cover for what would be war by any honest definition.  Syria is embroiled in a civil war and if we intervene we will be also.  Let's not be fooled by the political obfuscation.

Charles Hugh Smith at Of Two Minds has come to a couple of conclusions that we have here:  the convenience we are promised by the advertising for convenience foods and appliances aren't all that convenient and most of the convenience foods are way too salty, sweet, or otherwise unpalatable.  Not too long ago we opened some canned chicken noodle (I wouldn't want to embarrass Campbells so I won't mention the name) and found it totally unpalatable: damned little chicken, very limp noodles, and, if it hadn't had way too much salt, it wouldn't have had any taste at all.  It is off our shopping list permanently.  We don't buy canned veggies any more: too much salt and often inferior quality (I hate biting into asparagus and getting all woody stems).  I could go on buy Smith does a better job.

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Kay Dennison said...

I like your house cleaning style. Lately, I've been a slob and mostly just sweep the rooms with a glance!