Thursday, September 19, 2013

Very wet Thursday.

We had a good bit of sun yesterday and temperatures about 80F before the clouds rolled back in and the rain hit--hard.  We had rivers running down our streets front and back.  It is still wet outside.  We may get some sun later today.  I will let things dry out a bit before going out to see how the gardens did.  Everything looks good from the door.

I was intrigued by the teaser headline for this story.  It said "Apple didn't have this in mind for the iPad."  I wondered what possible application for the iPad Apple hadn't thought of.  The article says that Apple had anticipated possible bellicose uses given the quoted passage of the licensing agreement.  But I notice the rebels shown aren't engaged in the manufacture or production of the listed weapons--just the use of them.

Sherri Lewis at Rural Revolution posted this morning on a concern that has tickled my mind off and on for a while.  I collect information on line but, as long as it is a link or on the computer, the information can become unavailable if the technology supporting it fails.  I am also way behind on printing off my information.

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