Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Miscellaneous Wednesday.

Miscellaneous because I don't have much to say about a garden that is progressing along into fall very nicely.  What is going on out there is what has been going on all along.  Let's see what I find on the 'net.

This morning the news quoted Vladimir Putin saying that Russia doesn't discriminate against gays--after all they love Tchaikovsky who was gay.  Yeah. Right.  He is also long dead.  Here is a link to the story.

And then there is this story which I think hits the financial nail on the head.  We are no more ready for the next financial meltdown than we were for the last one.  I rather doubt that "we" are ever ready for a financial crisis.  But I do think our financial and political idiots have set us up for the next crash.  All of the "too big fail" institutions are bigger than ever and more likely than ever to fail.

I think I have mentioned this sadistic piece of nonsense before.  I say sadistic because how else can a sane person describe forking out money for a sports stadium for a team owned by a billionaire while erasing 90% of pensions and 80% of unsecured bonds.  A city that is already bankrupt does not need to be allowed to raise $450 million in bonds to fund a stadium.  The rule is: stop digging and don't give the idiot in the hole another shovel.

On a related note--the Rude Pundit expresses my sentiments with just the right tinge of rudeness on the whole Syria mess.

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