Monday, September 16, 2013

Cool and gray Monday.

Lazy day today.  I have the herbs I cut yesterday to grind.  I stewed those tomatoes I talked about yesterday and combined them with the batch I did a bit earlier last week.  They yielded almost four pounds of tomatoes for the freezer.  We have our weekly grocery shopping and nothing beyond basics to get: bread, juice and milk.  Can't even think of something we would like to have that we haven't got. I will also go to the library and return some books.  But that is about all on our schedule.

I am following the floods in Colorado.  A couple of my friends still live out there.  So far they are fine and high enough that the waters haven't hit them.  But I remember driving through Big Thompson Canyon ten years after the flood which occurred a year or two after I moved out there and seeing damage that still had not been repaired.  The damage I see in the reports will be with them for a generation--at least.

Robert Samuelson has an opinion piece today in which he reiterates his thesis, which I think has a lot to recommend it, that the financial crisis of 2007 (which is still with us in spite of all of the reassurances that the economy is recovering) was caused not so much by scoundrels with evil and selfish intent but by more than twenty five years of prosperity and a constantly growing economy.  We never asked what would happen if things changed.

And this might put you off chicken if you buy yours at a chain supermarket.  And the bastards don't want to have to tell customers where the product comes from.  And if the TPP goes through with the provisions I have heard (but since the negotiations are secret no one knows exactly what is being proposed) the won't be allowed to list country of origin.

I have only one question on this article: and exactly what goods and services will the computers be buying to stimulate that future economy?

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