Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday. The heat returns.

Today should be the first day of a two day heat wave.  Low 90s with mid 90s tomorrow.  I will get everything watered well early today and we will get the grocery shopping done before the heat hits.  I saw a sauce tomato ready to pick but not much else so I think I will do stewed tomatoes tomorrow.  I collected several peppers yesterday some of which Mom cooked with our polish sausage and potatoes yesterday.  We will eat the left overs today.  Otherwise I am looking at what is in the garden and planning when to take out what, whether to take cuttings and other such fall activities.  And of course thinking about what will be in the gardens next year.

I am very tired of hearing pundits claim that "our" credibility is on the line in Syria.  Or "our" resolve.  Whatever the hell all that means.  They all seem to be of my late, ex-husband's school of thought: DO something, even if its wrong.  What does it mean to say we have to "punish" Syria or Assad when the country is already in hell?  I guess some 30 odd percent of Americans are convinced by the Administrations so-called proof but I am not.  The pictures are horrendous but they don't say anything about who actually perpetrated the horror.  And I have seen too many such pictures that have later turned out to be faked.  When you talk about "punishing" someone or some group one should be sure of the guilt of that someone or group.  But worse I just don't see what real good that can come from any kind of military action.  I saw a sound bite from John Kerry this morning insisting that the consequences of not doing anything is worse than acting with military force.  I am sorry, Mr. Kerry.  Your assertions are not proof.  It is merely opinion.  And I trust mine over yours.

As usual, a new, widely advertised consumer good has caused new problems.  Only one news story that covered the London story noted that wet wipes added to the congealed grease creating a bus-sized clog blocking a sewer.  One of the stories noted that a California city (sorry, I don't remember which) was contemplating outlawing baby wipes and flushable diapers for the same reason to the dismay of mothers and day care operators.  Undernews has another bit on the problem.

Fascinating speculation on how Washington figures would fit into small town, real America.  Not very flattering but very accurate.

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Kay Dennison said...

hmmmmmmm it means it's gonna warm up here!